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What is a website audit?
The first thing we do when meeting a new client is to run a website analysis. This can range in depth depending on your goals and website needs. We utilize third party tools such as Google Pagespeed, Google Mobile-Friendly Test, GT Metrix, Moz, ScreamingFrog, and more. These reports look at a variety of different specs of your site to give usa general idea of how search engines see you. Information you can expect to find in a website audit includes: loading times, metadata information, site crawl errors, site rankings and comparisons.
What eCommerce platforms do you work with?
While we have worked with most eCommerce platforms out there, we primarily work with Shopify, Woo Commerce/WordPress, and Big Commerce, due to their popularity.
Can you fix my existing site or do I need a new one?
We strive for ultimate honey in this area! We ultimately want you to work on CMS of your liking and will do our best to work on your existing site. There are instances when it is more beneficial to start from scratch than spend time correcting the old.
How fast can you get my website?
While every site is different and each client has their own set of needs and requirements, we strive to get every client to at least a B on GTMetrix and above 80%. For those who are looking specifically for speed we offer packages to remake your site specifically designed to get you to 95-100%. Keep in mind that every second gained equates to higher conversion rates and sales.
How does your pricing work?
At Brandhouse DNA we strive to be a one stop shop. We have always found it most convenient and successful when you have one team working on your website for optimal communication and increased rate of project completion. Our services are all tailored and priced to your specific needs. We can price per project or for ongoing cases charge a flat monthly rate. All clients are given an upfront quote outlining all services to be completed as well as any “what ifs” along the way. We like to give you the bottom line without any surprises along the way. Contact us for your project quote.
2021 what is your biggest tip for clients?
Pagespeed, pagespeed, pagespeed! Do what you can to keep your site (especially mobile) loading quickly. While videos, animation, and other moving sections can add great “wow” to your site, if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load, you’ll lose most your visitors and forgo the chance to “wow” them at all. Most users want easy functionality to find and navigate their needs.